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Six Essential things about Belize that make it the most attractive destination to relocate for retirees


Belize is a beautiful Caribbean destination with lush green trees, breathtaking blue beaches and dozens of activities for people of all ages. This is precisely why it is one of the most popular destinations for ex-pats and tourists.


Although it is the most attractive destination tourist spot, it is no less surprising for people who want to spend their retirement years in peace and quiet. Here are some reasons why Belize is the most attractive destination for retirees:

1. it is an English speaking country

Because English is the national language of Belize, most Belizians can easily speak English fluently. This is a big advantage for tourists, ex-pats or foreigners who come to visit or even settle in Belize. Since there are no language barriers, it works well for all English speakers. Communication is therefore simple so that you do not feel lost.

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2. The cost of living is lower than that of other Caribbean countries


The cost of living in Belize is lower than what you can find in other Caribbean countries in America. A couple in the city of Corozal in Belize can live on a few thousand dollars a month, including rent. However, this may be more or less dependent on the type of lifestyle you choose; whether you eat local home-made food or live in gourmet restaurants.

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3. Has a large number of outdoor activities

This beautiful Caribbean destination offers many activities for people of all ages. Kayaking, fly fishing, bird watching, surfing, visiting the coral islands are just a few of the many activities that can keep you busy and make you fall in love with the place. If it’s nothing else, reading a book lying on a hammock under the widespread palm trees is also a great way to have fun.

4. Friendly people and a relaxed atmosphere

The people in Belize are warm, friendly and cooperative. So once you settle down, you won’t feel alienated. The relaxed atmosphere of Belize adds to the serenity; the way of life is slow and calm compared to that of every city in America where everyone is in a hurry.

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5. Comfortable climate

The tropical climate of Belize is perfect for aging bones. The country has rainfall all year round, making the weather pleasant. Another good point is that it is not cold in the winter. There is no snow; This means that you do not have to pay heating costs during the winter. The temperature usually does not fall below 70 degrees.

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6. There is hardly any property tax

Surprisingly, government taxes are practically negligible. That is why buying a home is easy and cheap. Property is not a problem, making it easier for foreigners to buy houses in Belize for a lower price than what they would spend on a house in America.


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