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Reasons to Choose a Botswana Safari Holiday


If you have decided to go on safari in Africa, how can you decide where you want to go; vast, diverse Africa has several countries where you are guaranteed to enjoy a fantastic safari and observe beautiful wildlife, but look at our main reasons why a Botswana safari really ticks everything.


Spectacular and varied landscapes

Large, beautiful Botswana will not disappoint if you are looking for beautiful views that you can admire and capture on camera. In the middle of the Kalahari desert lies the Okavango Delta, an oasis so enchanting that you may think you see a mirage when you first look at it.

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Because this delta is so diverse, there are many different ways to explore it and observe wildlife: you can gently drift the river in a canoe while your guard points out the abundance of animals drinking on the riverbanks; or why not make the most of the river during your Botswana safari and enjoy a sunset boat trip, where you are perfectly placed to spot the big cats while they drink their evening drink.

Unique and luxurious accommodation

If you opt for a Botswana safari, there is no shortage of ways to make your vacation even more special. There is a whole range of special camps and lodges that you can stay in, depending on the type of safari you want to enjoy. If you want to feel as close to nature as possible, the Khwai Tented Camp is perfect for you; the spacious, comfortable tents form the perfect balance between camping and luxury.

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If you like to be close to water, the Nxamaseri Lodge is ideal for you. You have your own private terrace and promenade, and admiring the beautiful view around you while you walk on the promenade is an extra special experience. Or there is the fantastic Kwara camp in the middle of the Okavango Delta, so you can be sure to see the biggest Five there.

Fantastic, regardless of the time of the year

Some countries where you can go on a safari are very seasonal and if you choose the wrong time to come, you may be very disappointed with the number of animals you see. This is certainly not the case if you opt for a Botswana safari! Because of the fertile Okavango Delta, with its winding blue rivers and abundance of water pools, animals are always present here. It is really as easy as following the river – all animals have to drink and so millions of this beautiful delta have made their permanent home, which is very useful for all animal lovers on a Botswana safari.

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