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Information about retiring to Cyprus for UK citizens


Information about retiring to Cyprus for UK citizens
There are many reasons why retiring to Cyprus is becoming increasingly popular with British citizens and others from Northern Europe. The pleasant climate and the relaxed way of life are particularly attractive, but there are also many other advantages to making a retirement home in Cyprus. With one of the lowest crime rates in the EU, it is a very safe place to live and there are excellent and reasonably priced medical facilities, always a concern for those approaching the later years of their lives. Cyprus is a beautiful country with many beautiful beaches and spectacular landscapes and the warm climate throughout the year makes retirement in Cyprus very attractive.

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The climate and the cost of living are of course the most common attractions for anyone who wants to retire to Cyprus, but there are also many other reasons. The banking and legal systems are derived from the British systems and will be familiar and easy to handle. The transition to Cyprus is therefore much easier. There are good tax incentives for those in the UK who receive a pension.

Almost all Cypriots speak English, often very well, so there is never a problem with communication. The infrastructure is modern with excellent facilities comparable to those in other European countries. Fresh local fruits and vegetables are always available and the lifestyle in this ideal climate, with low humidity throughout the year, is very good for your health. This can be especially important for people who suffer from rheumatism or other conditions that get worse during the damp and cold winters.

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What you need to know to retire to Cyprus

Of course, there must be some legal paperwork before you can become a permanent resident of Cyprus. The first step is to apply for a residence permit at the Migration Department of Cyprus. On Cyprus, complete an M67 form that you can get at the local immigration office. When you retire, you need the F category. You must have means to support yourself, such as income from investments or a pension,

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After approval under category F, you are not allowed to work, not even voluntarily, or run a business, so you must have sufficient income to support yourself. UK pensions can be deposited directly into an account in Cyprus, will be index-linked, so all pension increases are paid as if you were still living in the UK.

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Cyprus has proven to be a popular retreat for northern Europeans. It has a similar but more relaxed lifestyle and you will usually have an easy transition. If you are considering retiring in the sun, take a look at Cyprus as an ideal location to enjoy a relaxed retirement.

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