Warehouse Custodian Jobs In Canada - Apotex Inc

Warehouse Custodian Jobs In Canada – Apotex Inc


Apotex is looking for warehouse custodians with a wide range of abilities. On-call warehouse custodians must be available to wash filthy clothing and other objects gathered on the floor. This page will offer a link to other warehouse custodian jobs in Canada. Keep your eyes peeled for further information!

About Apotex Inc.

Apotex Inc. is a proudly Canadian global pharmaceutical firm that manufactures high-quality, cost-effective medicines for patients worldwide. However, the company employs almost 8,000 employees across the globe in production, research and development, and commercial activities. Apotex Inc. exports to over 100 countries and territories and operates in over 45, with significant operations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and India. Furthermore, Apotex has various divisions and affiliates, including Apotex Inc., thanks to vertical integration.

Why Apotex?

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At Apotex, they strive to provide a welcoming, accessible workplace where all employees are welcomed, respected, and supported.

As part of its hiring process, Apotex provides accommodations for applicants with impairments.

  • Firstly, their workplace is clean and safe.
  • Secondly, there is a possibility of advancement.
  • Thirdly, salary is competitive.
  • Lastly, they have included health, dental, vacation, sick days, and other benefits in the package.

Job Description

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As assigned, do general cleaning activities both inside and outside of Apotex buildings. Offices, washrooms, locker changing rooms, production area, warehouse, and laboratories are all located within the structure. However, the Engineering Site Office is one of the structures on the Etobicoke site.

Furthermore, in the winter, run the snowblower and ice melter spreader outside the buildings and physically clear the sidewalks, exits, and entrances of ice and snow.

Job Requirements

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  • Education till the 12th grade.
  • Lifting 50 pounds is a must.
  • Excellent mastery of the English language is required (ability to read, write and understand English).
  • The ability to communicate well in person.
  • Interpersonal abilities are excellent.
  • It is preferred if you have cleaning experience.
  • Fit physique.


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  1. First, dusting and polishing furniture, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and washing walls and windows are all examples of how to keep an office clean. Also, you should remove garbage and recyclables from centralized places.
  2. Then, clean the restrooms and locker rooms, and restock supplies. (soaps, paper towels, hand lotion, and so on.)
  3. Clean the warehouse floors, shelves, and walls, and any scratches left by forklift wheels.
  4. Clean the places that follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), such as the walls, stairwells, ceilings, and floors. Cleaning pails and drums, as well as restocking supplies.
  5. Clean the cafeteria, including the kitchen, freezers, coolers, and storage areas. Also, you should remove garbage and recycling materials. You should maintain coffee brewers.
  6. Clean up the lab and restock supplies as needed.
  7. Further, clean the Controlled Substances/CT vault as well as the walk-in fridge.
  8. Dispose of all rubbish and recyclables according to established procedures.
  9. Then, operate various cleaning machines, such as a floor polisher, a vacuum cleaner, and a floor scrubbing machine.
  10. Ensure that the compactors are in working order.
  11. Lastly, use standardized cleaning chemicals as instructed.

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To apply for this employment with Apotex, you’ll need all of these abilities. I do, however, urge you to submit your application as soon as feasible. Finally, knowing that no one would ask you for money or a reward in exchange for the job would be ideal. All you have to do is have the ability and put it to use. Good luck!

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