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Sud Express – Canada Car Wash Supervisor


Suds Express is looking for skilled people to work as car wash supervisors. Car wash supervisors are on-call and must be available to cover any shift in the firm if regular car washers are unavailable. This article will also include a link to additional car wash supervisor jobs available in Canada. Keep an eye out!


About Suds Express

Suds Express is a commercial vehicle wash on Hespeler Road in the town of Hespeler. Cambridge is a city in the province of Ontario. The company sought a solution to reduce the quantity of new water consumed. The average car wash uses 268 liters.

Then, they installed a water recycling system, including a 750,000-litre tank buried behind the building. This device will add oxygen to wash water and encourage germs to grow. It holds regions for the soap to be digested, leaving the water clean enough to drink.

However, when they wash cars, they will use only 118 liters of fresh water each car wash under the new technology. They installed a water recycling system comprising a 750,000-litre reservoir.
Behind the facility is a tank that is now underground.


With a WET Program incentive of $14,469 based on $0.40 per liter of water saved and $7562 in consultation expenses, the project will pay for itself over five years for the company. However, the installation costs $247,089, and the company will save almost $90 per day by conserving water.

Lastly, Suds Express saves 36.2 m3 of water each day, equating to 13,203 m3 per year. It equates to a 56 percent savings in their water cost.

Job Requirements

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  • Firstly, supervises and manages the actions of workers in an automatic car wash who are washing and polishing cars and providing related services: inventories supplies such as detergents, brushes, and tire-blacking compound.
  • Quotes prices to customers desiring such services as automobile waxing and polishing.
  • Then, he takes money and gives change.
  • Also, oversees employees who polish and wash automobiles or sections of cars not washed by an automatic device.
  • Examines equipment for signs of wear and replaces or repairs it as needed.
  • Deals with client issues.
  • Lastly, maintains daily receipts, employee time and wage data, and supplies used records.


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Languages: English

Education: Secondary school graduation certificate.

Experience: No experience needed.

Specific Skills

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A car wash supervisor should be able to:

  • Firstly, inspect sites or facilities to ensure that they are safe and clean.
  • Also, set up work schedules.
  • Ability to supervise about 10 people.
  • Assist cleaners with their tasks.
  • Lastly, monitor and coordinate worker activities.


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  • Safety boots with steel toes.Work Environment

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    • Damp or Wet.
    • Hot.

    Physical Abilities

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    • Firstly, a fast-paced setting.
    • Working under duress.
    • Also, physically strenuous.
    • Sitting, standing, and walking are all used in combination.
    • Standing for long periods.
    • Lastly, kneeling, bending, crouching.

    Personal Characteristics

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    • Initiative
    • Excellent eloquence skills
    • Flexibility
    • Interpersonal effectiveness
    • Reliability
    • Judgment
    • Dependability

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    Be wary of con artists. No one from Suds Express will ever ask you to pay a fee before you start working. Apply properly and wait for a response. Best of luck!

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