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Veterinary Assistant Job Openings in the Canada


As a veterinary assistant, you would assist a veterinarian in providing quality care to animals. This position requires a high level of patience and knowledge of animal care and charts. A positive attitude is a must and you should love animals. Veterinary assistant jobs are not for the faint-hearted.


Veterinary assistants help veterinarians with animal care

Veterinary assistants work in hospitals, clinics, research facilities, and universities to help veterinarians with animals. Their duties range from monitoring animal health to handling euthanasia. They may encounter a variety of animal patients, including animals that have been abused and those that are very ill. Veterinary assistants often work flexible hours, and their schedules may include nights and weekends.

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While not a required profession, formal training can help you land a better job. Many veterinary clinics offer on-the-job training, allowing newly hired assistants to take on more responsibility and become more knowledgeable about animal care. However, there are also formal veterinary assistant programs that offer intensive formal training. These programs generally take a year to complete. In addition to receiving hands-on training, students also receive a certificate of completion, which will boost their employment prospects.

They must be able to read patient’s charts

Veterinary assistants are responsible for performing various duties within a veterinary clinic, including taking care of patients, assisting during office visits, and administering medications. They must be able to read patient’s records, be comfortable working with people, and be capable of handling animals. Veterinary assistants must be able to work on their feet all day and be able to lift and carry up to fifty pounds. In addition, veterinary assistants must be able to maintain and update patient charts. They must also be able to communicate with veterinarians and clients.

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A high school diploma is typically all that’s required to become a veterinary assistant, although some positions may require additional training. It can be helpful to take science courses in high school, as many veterinary practices utilize these classes. Internet resources can also be a helpful way to brush up on the basics of veterinary medicine.

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They must be patient

If you want to get into veterinary medicine, you must be patient and willing to learn. This profession has many advantages and can also be very rewarding. It is important to note that veterinary assistants do not require specific licensure, and you can begin working immediately after completing high school. However, to become a veterinary technician, you will need to complete a degree program and pass a credentialing exam.

Veterinary assistants are responsible for performing daily tasks at veterinary clinics and hospitals. This work can include administering medications, cleaning cages, and providing nursing care prior to surgery. They also prepare surgical instruments and hold animals during procedures. As a veterinary assistant, you must be patient and have strong emotional stability because you will often be dealing with animals that are abused and distressed. Your job will also require you to communicate with distressed animal owners.


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