Ultimate Travel Adventure Experience With Series of Attractions

Ultimate Travel Adventure Experience With Series of Attractions


When it comes to adventure travel, the destination has to be as adventurous as the planned activities. After all, most of us can do air diving, scuba diving or bungee jumping at locations near or relatively close to us. So when you add adventure destinations to your adventure activities, you have created the ultimate adventure experience. Remember that many of these activities are excluded from your standard travel insurance, so special travel insurance for adventure activities may be required to provide the necessary protection.


Here are my recommendations for some of the best adventure destinations with adventure activities.

Diving in Myanmar

For the past half-century, this Southeast Asian nation has been closed to outsiders. Now that it is opening up, you still have the opportunity to visit this country with its diverse cultures before McDonald’s, shopping centers and traffic-choked highways arrive. The Mergui Archipelago remains relatively untouched by modern society, and diving here allows you to observe pristine coral reefs and stunning marine life alongside Myanmar’s cultural wonders before the modern world arrives in full force.

Bungee jumping from Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambia

At 111 meters above the Zambezi River, the Victoria Falls Bridge is considered one of the best bungee jumping platforms in the world. If your heart comes back to your chest, try a walking safari or jet boat to the base of the fantastic Victoria Falls. Don’t forget to talk to your travel insurer about the adventure activities you plan to do while in Zambia to ensure that your adventure activity travel insurance covers you adequately.

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Fly a kite in Fujian, China

Although relatively new to China, the sport of Kite Boarding has been widely adopted by the people of Fujian. If you are new to the sport, instruction is available. Other great adventures in China include mountain tours in the Autonomous Region of Tibet, although advocates of ethical tourism may want to consider where they are on this issue.


Hot air ballooning in Kenya

Okay, so Kenya isn’t the big adventure it once was; it is still quite adventurous. The adrenaline levels for this trip can be increased by a balloon ride. Boost your adrenaline even more and plan to go during the great dry season migration, where millions of African draft animals are headed for the water. Please contact a destination specialist to arrange this experience. Do you want more adventure? Try a guided bush camping safari.

Surf Oahu’s North Shore, Hawaii

Admittedly, Hawaii is not that adventurous, but if you are a surfer; the north coast of Oahu is all the adventure you need.

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Climb Mount Everest in Nepal

Since the first conquest by Sir Edmund Hillary, Mount Everest has attracted adventurers to challenge the slopes. I shudder to think what good insurance for adventure activities would cost for this trip.

Swim with sharks in South Africa

While it’s not such an exotic trip, your first face-to-face encounter with a 7-meter great white shark is sure to kick-start your adrenaline.

Zipline in Cebu City, Philippines

Not adventurous you say? This zipline starts from 473 feet atop the Crown Regency Hotel and crosses over to an adjacent skyscraper.

Rock Climbing in the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado

From the beginner to the advanced mountaineer, the Garden of the Gods in Albuquerque offers a suitable challenge for every level. Need more adventure? Colorado offers some of the best skiing in the United States.

Sky Dive in Guam

Jump from a light aircraft high above the Micronesian island of Guam. Make sure you are fully insured by taking out travel insurance for adventure activities!

✦ Hike to the Top of Piaynemo in Raja Ampat

Indonesia is filled with beautiful scenery, but for me none was more picturesque than the view from the top of Piaynemo Island in Raja Ampat. Pulling up to the small dock on the island, there was a set of stairs heading straight up into the forest.

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These 318 steps (I counted!) were strenuous in the humid heat, but the view from the top was worth every single one. From the peak you can see an iconic karst island seascape, small islands surrounded by a dozen shades of brilliant turquoise. This million dollar view wasn’t my only reward, so was the fresh coconut juice waiting for me at the bottom.

✧ Pull an All-Nighter in Ibiza

Ibiza, an island off the coast of Spain, is notorious for its parties but also boasts crystal clear water and lux beaches. So experience the best of both worlds by staying up all night in the club and then drifting to the beach to see one of the islands infamous sunrises. Big-name DJs, and festivals are frequent on the island, and there are a wide variety of accommodation and food options, from high to low end. Your time will fly in this incredible destination

✧ See the Great Pyramids at Giza

The Great Pyramids at Giza have had a firm hold on the western imagination for generations… and with good reason. They are a true marvel to behold! The Pyramids were created as tombs for various pharaohs, and their consorts, to ensure transcendence into the afterlife. And thanks to the many artifacts the ancient Egyptians left within their tombs, we now have an incredible insight into their epic history. Still, there is nothing quite like seeing them up close… especially on camel back.

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✦ Drive Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway

The Million Dollar Highway is a 25 mile section of U.S Route 550, from Silverton to Ouray in Coloraado. It was initially built in the 1880s, and offers one of the most thrilling road experiences. The highway is part of the San Juan Skyway that snakes its way through the San Juan mountains passing through Dolores, Telluride and Durango.

You will go up and down three mountain passes – the Coal Bank Pass, the Molas Pass and the Red Mountain Pass during a ride on this route. All three have an elevation of more than 10,000 feet (3000 m) each. In certain areas, watch out for steep drops, hairpin bends and absence of guardrails. Keep your eyes on the road during the tricky sections, and admire the stunning vistas during the easy portions of the drive.



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