Jamaica - Top 5 Travel Tips For the Best Jamaica Vacations

Jamaica – Top 5 Travel Tips For the Best Jamaica Vacations


Jamaica is a unique place with a mystical and allure like no other Caribbean island. Jamaica vacations are popular for people from all over the world who want to experience the culture and lifestyle or at least what they think those things are.

Traveling to Jamaica is a great way to enjoy a vacation and every year more and more people visit “The Land of Woods and Water” for some fun in the sun. Jamaica is unique in many ways, and the popular idea of ​​a relaxed ‘No Problem Mon’ attitude for everyone can lead to problems for some visitors.

To make your vacation a little more fun, we’re going to list some top tips and advice for Jamaica vacations for everyone from the first visit to an old friend.

Bring your camera and use it wisely

Everyone loves a vacation, but often many of us have so much fun that we don’t shoot it on film or camera and as time goes by those wonderful memories do too. A digital camera with enough batteries and memory cards to cover your time here can help create and keep good memories for a lifetime, but be careful. Everyone might enjoy looking at your photos of Jamaica, but not every Jamaican wants their photo taken. Be friendly and ask before taking photos of people in public. Be polite and honest and you shouldn’t have a problem but every now and then you will find someone adamant that you don’t take their picture and it’s just better to ask than insulting

Plan your trip before you arrive and verify everything

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Jamaica is a great place for an exciting vacation and you can easily visit the island with little or no planning at all, but to make the most of your Jamaican vacation, we suggest setting up some basic plans for spending your time with the more important things you can do in an itinerary you think you need. You don’t have to plan your vacation, but it is certainly wise to organize some aspects such as accommodation, transportation, and tours. Things often change in Jamaica and the beautiful bed and breakfast you stayed in on your first visit may not be the same place as just 2 years later. Proper planning can help avoid this kind of disappointment and make for a better vacation experience. Some of us get so into the laid back lifestyle that we never leave the hotel and in the end, we don’t do half of the things we wanted which leads to regret and hopefully more travel but a little planning and you can let your tours blend into you airport transfers and make the most of your time in Jamaica.

When in Jamaica do as Jamaicans do!

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Everyone has their idea of ​​the perfect vacation and we would never judge your holiday preferences, but many visitors to Jamaica miss the wonderful cultural experiences of the ‘real Jamaica’ outside the walls of the all-inclusive resorts and far from the ‘fake Jamaica some of these places offer. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the wonderful facilities of these walled fortresses, but take a day or two to enjoy life outside the compound. Book a tour with a local Jamaican or drop by a local Jamaican restaurant and dine like Jamaicans do. The real beauty of Jamaica can only be found in Jamaica

Respect yourself and others, mon

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A holiday is often a well-deserved break that we give ourselves every year and sometimes some of us take the well-deserved part a little too seriously. Some people come to Jamaica with the idea that someone owes them something. These people pretend the world is theirs and the people around them are there to make any ridiculous request they can come up with, because “I’m on vacation.” Such an attitude leads to a terrible vacation. Treating people as slaves in a country with such a terrible history of slavery will not get you far no matter what you paid them.

Buy Jamaican Build Jamaica

Jamaica is part of what was once called the Third World. The politically correct expression is a developing nation today, but the harsh realities of economic conditions make it feel like another world in many ways. Jamaica is a beautiful country with a wealth of natural resources and beauty, but it is not good for the average Jamaican. Tourism is the engine of the Jamaican economy, but few Jamaicans own the large affluent hotels and resorts. Most Jamaicans work for the tourism industry, as drivers, maids, servants, and entertainment staff and catering jobs are the only legal way a Jamaican can make money from the tourist who arrives here. If you have the opportunity to do this, we recommend that you travel to Jamaica and live with Jamaicans. Find a local Jamaica-owned resort or hotel and spend your money on a company that keeps that money in the country.

If you’re in Jamaica, take a chance and spend some time with Jamaican people spending your money at local artisan market restaurants whenever possible so that your prized tourist dollars reach the community as a whole. Jamaicans will appreciate it and build a better Jamaica.


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