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Best Paying Part Time Jobs – Working In Canada As An International Student


Best Paying Part Time Jobs you need to know while Studying in Canada gives you an advantage over a number of opportunities. With some of the best universities and great job market available, most students from all over the world go to Canada to study. In addition, the job market is booming and the unemployment rate is very low which makes it the perfect choice and a place to settle in, get permanent residency and make life easy and beautiful.


As a student, one’s main responsibility is to study and get good grades but maintaining the quality of life and making ends meet is equally important. Having a job while studying can help reduce financial stress in a significant way, and this extra amount can give you pride and exploration. It is nice to note that in most cases, some part-time jobs offer international students minimum wage salaries but this is not in itself a bad idea, after all, a little extra money is not a bad idea. Here are some of the best jobs for students in Canada:

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Investor relations

As a student, you can get a whiff of the corporate world. Employers appreciate the young and dynamic energy of students, making it a popular choice for work. The best part is that you can meet some really influential people, enjoy strong lunches and attend conferences that can really help boost your network.

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It is best to have something to do during the vacation to keep yourself busy and at the same time earn money to reduce financial stress. There is a high demand for nannies and babysitters. You can also decide to live with a host family if your school leave is long or you work part-time; it pays well and it’s a low-pressure job.
If you are academic strong and have an inclination to teach, educating other college students may be the best choice for you. It’s not very common but it pays well, it refreshes your mind, and if you have an interest then go for it.

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Dog walker

You can decide to walk a dog and get paid for it. Walk in the park and meet another wonderful dog with four legs .. What could be better than walking around with a dog and getting paid for it!



This is a well-paid job and something readily available and easily obtainable. If you are feeling well with irregular hours, this is the best option. The best piece of advice you get. A semester vacation or a long summer vacation, and getting a job will get you a little experience as well as money. It keeps you out of trouble. Make the best use of it.

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Sales jobs

Most students get jobs in places like Walmart, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Super Store etc. to complement their pocket suits. Such jobs pay well and sometimes retain some students after graduation. It is important to try to avoid invalid job ads on the .ca website and other job advertisement sites.


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