The Essential Tourist's Guide to Malta Attractions - Walks Around Malta

The Essential Tourist’s Guide to Malta Attractions – Walks Around Malta


Malta is a small archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its strategic location, it has attracted many settlers in the past, including the Romans, the Arabs, the French-led by Napoleon Bonaparte and the British. The result is a rich history and a diverse local culture. There are also several interesting attractions in Malta.


Golden Bay 

 Many tourists come to Malta to spend a day at the beach, especially Golden Bay. Golden Bay is Malta’s second-largest sandy beach and is known for its banana boat rides, fun atmosphere and spectacular sunsets that make the beach a perfect backdrop for evening barbecues.

Megalithic Temples  

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The Megalithic Temples in Malta are the oldest freestanding stone temples in the world, making them Malta’s most popular attractions. The Ggantija complex is the largest of the megalithic temples, consisting of two temples built with corraline limestone blocks. The Mnajdra Temple dedicated to the fertility goddess and overlooking the island of Filfla is also worth a visit.


Hal Saflieni Hypogeum 

 Located in Paola, the Hypogeum is an excellent example of underground architecture. It has three levels and different rooms, some of which have been used as cemeteries. You can also see the archaeological treasures excavated from the Hypogeum at the National Archaeological Museum.

Roman Villa 

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 Located in the city of Rabat, the Roman villa dates back to 100 BC and is believed to be the former residence of a wealthy Roman merchant or official. Known for its floor mosaics,

it is currently a museum with exhibits such as oil lamps, marble busts and terracotta ornaments, some of which have been excavated directly on the grounds of the villa.

Lascaris War Rooms 

 For a lesson in World War II history, take a tour of the Lascaris War Rooms, one of Malta’s attractions in the capital, Valletta. Used as the command center of the Allied forces for the invasion of Sicily, these underground chambers are one of only four World War II military operations centers open to the public.

Blue Grotto 

The Malta Caves are also popular attractions in Malta, especially the Blue Grotto, a row of seven picturesque caves near Wied iz-Zurrieq. The Blue Grotto is best known for its remarkable rock formations that you can see while riding a small traditional boat. The Calypso’s Cave also offers scenic views.

There are also other attractions in Malta worth visiting, including museums, churches and towers built by the Knights of St. John. All this makes Malta a great holiday destination despite its size, so don’t hesitate to spend your vacation there.



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