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How to Work in the UK As a Fruit Packer


How to Work in the UK as a fruit packer is an interesting job opportunity for fresh fruit and vegetable lovers. Working in a large food distribution company in Linton, Mach Recruitment is looking for a number of Fruit Packers to join their team. The role involves packing fruit and ensuring that they are properly stacked and packed. Before you apply for this position, you should first learn the basics of picking and packing fruits.


Mach Recruitment is recruiting several Fruit Packers to work in a large food distribution site in Linton

If you are looking for a flexible, permanent job in the food distribution industry in Linton, then this is the right opportunity for you. As a Packer, you will be working with a leading snack company and will get full training, a flexible working pattern, and the opportunity to progress. If you are looking for a new challenge, Mach Recruitment is currently recruiting for several Fruit Packers to work in a large food distribution site in Linton.

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Job description

A fruit packer works in a greengrocery store or a fruit farm, ensuring that the fruits are packed correctly so they can be shipped. They may also be responsible for packing fruits for individual customers. Fruit packing looks simple but is a highly skilled job, requiring a variety of skills. Grapes, for example, cannot be wrapped in a cardboard carton. It also involves weighting and counting the fruit.

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A Fruit Packer may work for a fruit packing company directly or be employed by a temporary agency. Regardless of the source of employment, this position requires a high degree of responsibility and compliance with health and safety regulations. Depending on the nature of the job, it may be full-time, part-time, or seasonal. Seasonal work is common in the food and beverage sector and can impact the production schedule. Working hours are usually arranged in night shifts.

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Salaries for fruit and vegetable packers in the UK vary depending on location and the type of work they do. Many work in the fields, picking and grading the fruit and vegetables that are sold in supermarkets. Those working in fields such as the one in Wiltshire can expect to earn PS30 an hour, or about PS62,000 a year. This salary is for a full-time employee, so if you want to earn this much, you will have to work long hours.


In the UK, the fruit and vegetable industry needs as many as 500,000 workers to keep the industry running. Brexit and pandemic have caused a huge shortage of workers and some farms have even started paying up to PS20 an hour. In addition to this, the increased labor costs will mean a higher price at the supermarket. In addition, if you are not already on a pre-settled status, you will not be able to work until June.


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