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High-paying Summer Jobs in Canada


Now is the perfect time to take on a new job; schools are out for the year, the weather is finally warm, and there are numerous high-paying summer jobs in Canada! Whether you are looking for a side hustle or considering a new career path, your next job is waiting for you. In this article, we will highlight 19 high-paying summer jobs in Canada.



1. Lifeguard

Annual average salary: $37,000

A lifeguard monitors and supervises activities at indoor and outdoor pools to ensure the safety of all children and adults. They also uphold security and safety standards to avoid accidents or injuries. Their primary role is to respond to emergencies quickly.



2. Camp Counselor

Annual average salary: $39,700

A camp counselor supervises campers to provide a fun, healthy, safe summer camp environment. Counselors are usually responsible for planning and implementing activities and programs and providing campers leadership and development opportunities.


3. Bartender

Annual average salary: $39,450

A bartender is responsible for accurately and efficiently making alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Depending on the establishment, they also interact with customers to ensure a positive experience and may be required to take meal orders at the bar.


4. Landscaper

Annual average salary: $52,089 

A landscaper is responsible for maintaining the outer appearance of a client’s business or home. They are generally responsible for mowing lawns, trimming shrubbery and trees, and watering plants. Depending on the job, they may also help install patios, decks, and walkways or set up lighting systems.


5. Customer Service Representative

Annual average salary: $40,100 

Customer service representatives work for companies, handling complaints, answering questions, and providing phone information on services and products. They may be required to take payments and process returns.


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6. Dog Walker

Annual average salary: $37,100

A dog walker provides clients’ dogs with physical exercise, usually daily. They are responsible for picking up and disposing waste and checking the dog’s food and water supply based on the client’s instructions. They also keep the dogs safe during walks and complete other services the client may request.


7. Construction Worker

Annual average salary: $49,871

Construction workers perform tasks that require physical labor to help construct or repair buildings, roads, and other structures, using blueprints provided by the client. They may be responsible for removing debris, loading and unloading building materials, and operating heavy equipment.


8. Babysitter

Annual average salary: $57,656

A nanny or babysitter provides competent childcare for families. Some responsibilities include creating safe, stimulating environments for children and providing educational activities. They may also bathe, dress, change diapers, and plan and prepare meals. Nannies sometimes live at home and provide 24/7 care, while babysitters only offer services during set days and times.


9. Virtual Assistant

Annual average salary: $40,842

A virtual assistant provides services to businesses or entrepreneurs from a remote location. They are responsible for managing social media, calendars, appointments and emails, and other administrative tasks required by the client. They may also complete personal tasks like running errands or booking hotels.


10. Event Planner

Annual average salary: $52,407

An event planner coordinates services like securing a location, catering, entertainment, decoration, lodging, and transportation based on the client’s needs. During the event, they generally handle the guest registry and organize the facility to ensure all audio and visual equipment is ready, decorations are up, and catering services are in place.


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11. Tour Guide

Annual average salary: $39,795

A tour guide provides information about the history of religious and historical sites, museums, and other significant locations to individuals or groups of travelers. Tour guides are responsible for memorizing information, confidently speaking to small and large group sizes, and having excellent interpersonal skills.


12. Tutor

Annual average salary: $39,217

A tutor is usually hired through an agency and helps kids and young adults learn school subjects they need help understanding. They are responsible for reviewing school assignments, discussing the content, and assisting with homework. They also may help students prepare for the S.A.T.s or A.C.T.s.


13. Freelance Writer

Annual average salary: $74,316

A freelance writer usually works through an agency or directly for a client, writing content based on client instruction. They apply advanced writing skills, style guides provided by the client, and their expertise on topics to produce content in the style of blogs, articles, white papers, or other formats.


14. Fitness Instructor

Annual average salary: $48,516

A fitness instructor leads, instructs, and motivates exercise activities for individual clients or groups. They demonstrate exercises for clients and modify them for varying fitness levels. They monitor clients during exercise to maintain safety and provide general fitness and health information.


15. Painter

Annual average salary:$84,816

A painter’s primary duties include preparing surfaces for painting, selecting and mixing paint colors, applying paint to surfaces using various techniques such as brushing, rolling, or spraying, ensuring smooth and even coats, and maintaining painting equipment. They work on multiple projects, from residential homes to commercial buildings.

16. Summer Intern

Annual average salary: $57,600

Summer interns can work for various companies in any field. My duties include assisting in research, data analysis, report writing, attending meetings, preparing documents, and observing or assisting. Summer interns gain valuable work experience, learn about the industry, and contribute to the team’s efforts.


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17. Camp Leader

Annual average salary: $38,900

Camp leaders supervise, plan activities, manage staff, and ensure safety. They communicate effectively with campers, parents, and staff, solving problems and fostering a positive environment. They’re trained in first aid, handle logistics, and serve as role models, creating a memorable and enriching experience for all involved.


18. Swim Instructor

Annual average salary: $34,658

Swim instructors teach both children and adults proper swimming techniques. Instructors are responsible for creating and delivering lesson plans appropriate for the age and level of each class or person. They may also provide individual lessons, coach swim teams, or help more advanced swimmers refine their technique.

19. Administrative Assistant

Annual average salary: $65,658

An administrative assistant’s primary duties include managing schedules, coordinating appointments, handling correspondence, maintaining records and documents, organizing meetings and events, and assisting with administrative tasks. They support office operations, handle phone calls, and help executives or teams. Administrative assistants ensure smooth workflow, effective communication, and efficient business functioning.

Benefits of Working a Summer Job in Canada

Working a summer job in Canada offers several benefits, such as:

  1. Extra Income: Summer jobs allow you to earn additional income, which can be especially beneficial for students looking to save for tuition or professionals looking to supplement their regular income.
  2. Work Experience: Summer jobs provide an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, develop new skills, and expand your professional network. It’s also a chance to explore different industries and discover new passions.


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Tips to Get a Summer Job in Canada

  1. Start your job search early, as many employers begin hiring for summer positions several months before.
  2. Search job openings using job boards, company websites, and social media platforms.
  3. Networking is also crucial, so don’t hesitate to contact friends, family, and professionals in your desired industry to inquire about job opportunities.
  4. Customize your resume and cover letter to highlight your relevant skills and experiences for each job application.



A wide range of exciting and high-paying summer jobs in Canada cater to various interests and skills. Whether you prefer working outdoors, interacting with people, or being part of the vibrant festival scene, a summer job in Canada awaits you! You can make the most of the summer season by exploring the top 19 high-paying summer jobs listed in this article and following the tips for finding a summer job.


You will also get to create unforgettable memories in the country. So, take advantage of all the exciting opportunities Canada offers. Start your summer job search today, and prepare for a summer filled with fun, growth, and new experiences! All the best.


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